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Sep 5, 2018

ECER 2018 Bolzano
La Libera Università di Bolzano

Attila Károly Molnár - Márta Takács-Miklósi:
The Appearance of Andragogy in Prisons of Hungary and Slovakia


The topic of this poster presentation is the comparison of some European countries' prison education. Generally, prison-education is being developed all around the world. Within the framework of our research, we examine how the Hungarian and the Slovakian prison systems increase the efficiency of dealing with prisoners. This is a part of a two-year work that aims to be acquainted with the prison-education of the V4 Countries. We are expecting a result that enables expanding the possibilities of supporting learning in the prisons. The main problem is that near 50 percent of released people commit a crime again and return back to prison. Generalization of learning could help prisoners prepare for the release, consequently reduce recidivism. By comparing the education methods in prisons of different countries, we want to see the impact of prison education on reintegration. We are focusing on the educated state of both prisoners and prison staff.

Takács-Miklósi Márta - Molnár Attila Károly - Daria Becker-Pestka:
Functioning people who are prone to social exclusion. Theory and practice in Hungary and Poland


In our poster presentation we examine what kind of specific features appear concerning the education and training of detainees, what kind of privileges the system provides for this group of prisoners in two countries, Hungary and Poland. We delineate what was the turning point in the prison system when the Polish and Hungarian Executive Penal Code (1969 Poland, 1979 Hungary) were established. In these acts social rehabilitation issues were emphasized along with the purposes of prison sentences. In 1989 another turning point took place with the change of regime in both countries, since then tendencies to treat convicts in a humanitarian way and to respect human rights have been observed. The search for new, more efficient methods and forms of social rehabilitation has become very important.



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